Afternoon Yoga. NAMASTÉ WITH ME?


Every Thursday & Friday from 7:00 p.m. on our roof terrace | in winter in the Janamou Lounge directly opposite!

Less force. More flow! ❤︎ “You should come with me to yoga some time. You'd like it!“

With well-known coaches from the field of yoga and movement arts, the TubuhClub from Oberkassel works in collaboration with us an experience in a class of its own. Sunset - yoga - exclusively over the rooftops of Oberkassel - perhaps with a small Virgin cocktail in our bar.

Breathe in. Breathe out.


Every Thursday and Friday at me and all Oberkassel. The perfect opportunity to start your everyday yoga break, right?

How to perfectly combine relaxation and exercise? Let yourself be surprised and come to our rooftop terrace in the middle of Oberkassel.




You've actually got too much to do and too little time to do it?

A week has 168 hours! Spend 1½ of them together with the yoga coaches from TubuhClub, focusing on your breathing and physical wellbeing. Top up your energy reserves and turn your yoga mat into a little place of sanctuary for your soul. There's always time for that, right?


❤︎ The most frequently asked questions ❤︎


  • What level of yoga is the course designed for? – from beginners to experts.
  • Is it chargeable? - No, the first session is on us. All sessions after that cost €20 or €15 for the 5-session card.
  • Is it suitable for preganant women? It is, but it is always prudent to talk to the yoga teacher first when you get there.
  • Can I apply for weekly subscription? – No, but you can easily book the next sessions with the 5-ticket cards, for example.
  • How many people can take part? – A maximum of 8-10 participants.

We give you the first session for free

First come, first served.


Tel. +49 211 54014 300


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