Work it our! The Place to be for Workout-Junkies.

Always stay in balance.

Exercise is good for you and every body needs it. That is the truth. Because exercise strengthens all systems and is good for our heads. The dose is up to you. 

Here you can work out on the latest MATRIX fitness equipment, warm up for the next meeting, start the day with your workout or - whatever it is - sweat it out and forget it. 

From dusk. Till dawn.

• Treadmills • Suspension Crosstrainer • Upright Bike • Functional Trainer 400 • Magnum Multi Adjustable Bench • Load Hoist (Versa Plus) • Rowing Machine • Adduction / Abduction Machine • Magnum Olympic Flat Bench • Weight Stand • Punching Bag • Yoga Mats • Tokyo Bikes


How often does the bass vibrate per minute?

Life isn't a race, but sometimes it's good to pick up the pace and leave everything behind. The beat is loud. The bass is hard. The heart beats faster. The head is free. And where else could you do that other than in a super-equipped fitness zone? 

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, grab one of our sensational Tokyo Bikes in the lobby ♥ First come. First bike!


We love to move you!